Founded in 1979 as an independent consultancy specialising in micro computer use for industry and business.


Wrote software for PC manufacturers Westrex and Sord.  Designed and wrote software for the Norfrond POS terminal manufactured by JCM.


Published books, software and games for the Sinclair ZX series, Spectrum, Dragon, HX20 and CP/M based.  Sold overseas through overseas publishers and agents.


Undertook turnkey software contracts in the insurance industry for bond administration.


Strategic consultancy for various agencies, including Pye Records, BESO, Romney Packaging.  Interim management for Robert Dyas, the hardware retail chain, and for Nexus Computers, Sage dealership.


The principal, John Phipps, has for some time been engaged on legal work as an expert witness, arbitrator and mediator and is a qualified company secretary with many years of experience at director level in various charities in particular Action for Carers Surrey and Citizens Advice Bureau.


Historical note re year 2000


Phipps Associates History