Everybody has heard the story about asking a consultant the time—he borrows your watch tells you the time and then goes off with the watch!


In practice, a consultant has several advantages over you in looking at your problems.


· Breadth of experiencehe has seen it before

· Objectivityhe comes fresh to the problem and see it with new eyes

· Apolitical—he is not staying and has no office politics axe to grind

· Uninvolved with the past—he can point out mistakes without having to make admissions damaging to his career.


We offer a free initial interview.  You can discuss your problems for up to two hours and we will charge you nothing.  After that, if you wish to pursue the matter we will make a proposal to you in writing for the work that we propose.   You will know what is going to be achieved and what it will cost.


Problems are opportunities waiting to happen.





We offer a free initial interview